60’s Soul, Straight From the Apollo

From the Playboy Blog, 10/4/07

dapkings.jpgHead uptown—and four decades back in time—this Saturday for a great concert at the Apollo.

In our September Music review we turned the spotlight on Brooklyn’s Daptone Records, crediting them for leading a resurgence of 60s-style R&B in pop music. On Saturday night at 8 the Apollo hosts Daptone’s signature band, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings (buy tickets here). They’re launching the tour for their new album, 100 Days 100 Nights. CDs (and LPs, true to their roots) hit the shelves on October 2. 

I got to sit in on an interview with the band at PRI’s Studio 360 last week (the interview airs this weekend). The conversation was almost as entertaining as the music. Sharon Jones, the lead singer, is a funny, hyperactive character who almost bounced out of her chair every time she answered a question. But the real show started when the bass cranked up and the horns started blowing. The songs from the new album had everyone in the control room dancing in their chairs. When Jones first told us that the Dap Kings’ stuff “reminds you of Otis, Aretha, Marvin Gaye,” I admit that I was skeptical. A bunch of guys who, like myself, weren’t even alive to witness the 60s, playing behind a fifty-one year old woman? Now I’ve heard the band, and I’m convinced. On the album, their tight horn riffs and funk-laden rhythm section still sound authentic because they record entirely on analog tape—digital is not part of their lingo. The tunes, as Sharon told us herself, are genuinely addictive.But don’t just trust me–listen to an exclusive track at playboy.com/magazine/cds. Then get yourself to the Apollo this Saturday.

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