Drinking Beer For a Good Cause

From the Playboy Blog, 9/28/07


Raise a pint this Sunday for one of the world’s greatest drinkers. Legendary beer critic Michael Jackson (pictured) died on August 30 at the age of 65. Now beer lovers everywhere are saying thank you. Jackson fans have organized a worldwide toast in his honor at 9 p.m. EST this Sunday, September 30.  Jackson suffered from Parkinson’s disease, and participating bars will be collecting donations for the National Parkinson Foundation in his honor. Some bars have even pledged portions of their proceeds to the NPF.

For over 30 years Jackson traveled the world, striving to promote an appreciation for the intricacies of brewing and drinking beer. He had an ideal job; at times he tasted as many as 100 different brews in a day. But Jackson did more than just drink. He was a skilled and prolific writer. He published his first book, The World Guide to Beer, in 1977. Since then he has authored many more books, created a documentary TV series, and written a blog, titled “The Beer Hunter.”

Since my introduction I have tried many of Mr. Jackson’s selections, and he never steered me wrong. On Sunday I’ll be lifting my glass at the Hop Devil Grill in New York. Check out Jackson’s blog to see who’s hosting an event, or ask your local watering hole to join in.

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