Next Month

From Playboy Magazine, March 2008

I wrote the Next Month Page for the latest issue of Playboy. Here are a few highlights.

Men Who Hate Hillary–Right-wing male biographers continually attack Hillary Clinton’s appearance and sexuality. Author and cultural theorist Laura Kipnis turns the mirror on the candidate’s critics to show how the diatribes reveal more about them than their subject.

Wailing Shall Be In All Streets–In a previously unpublished account of the firebombing of Dresden, written early in his career, an angry, anguished Kurt Vonnegut revisits the horror and takes the first steps toward a masterpiece.

Charm City–Comely strangers don’t usually offer to buy Frank Bower drinks. When a mysterious woman does just that, a bit of philandering turns into something far more sinister. American master Robert Stone crafts a study in evil for April’s fiction feature.

The Gambling Seminoles–Tribal chief James E. Billie is a legend: he has wrestled alligators, battled the Viet Cong, and gotten the credit for coming up with the tribal casino concept. Yet for all his accomplishments, Chief Billie has been expelled from the Seminole nation. Pat Jordan finds out why.

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