One In a Brazillion

From the Playboy Blog, 10/17/07


Ever since I visited Brazil a year ago, there’s one thing I’ve sorely missed—and it’s not the bronze-skinned, g-string-clad women with perfect bodies. OK, it is. But then there’s that other Brazilian delicacy I yearn for: a good caipirinha. A simple mixture of muddled limes, sugar and cachaça, Brazil’s staple sugar cane-based liquor, a caipirinha can transport you in an instant from the muggy city to tropical sands and cool breezes. Sure, you can order caipirinhas in some New York bars, and even more in Newark due to its significant Brazilian population. But Newark? Some places aren’t worth going, even for booze. And most of the mass-produced cachaça that makes its way north simply can’t compare to the real deal, purchased fresh off a Brazilian fazenda.

But getting my fix just got easier when I stumbled upon, a new website that deals exclusively in independent, artisanal liquors from across the globe. They claim to “scour the world” for unique tastes, and the stuff they sell is truly idiosyncratic. Try a bottle of Scorpion Mezcal, which means just what it sounds like: there’s a scorpion at the bottom of the bottle. You can even pick up a bottle of absinthe, at least if you’re living somewhere that it’s legal. And of course, Mae de Ouro Cachaça.
The point is you no longer need to fly across the world to get an authentic, exotic liquor selection. A few clicks and it’s delivered straight to your door. And instead of feeding money into big, impersonal corporations, you’re supporting small burgeoning businesses that bring an individual care to their products.
Of course, drinking an authentic caipirinha in my Brooklyn apartment won’t measure up to sipping one on the beach in Rio; the g-string girls are not part of the package. But it might just hold me until I can afford another plane ticket.

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