One More Year

From the Playboy Blog, 11/28/07


George W. Bush hasn’t been a “sexy” president. But a new calendar by photographer Burke Heffner (no relation to our Hef—Burke’s got an extra “f” in there) suggests that you don’t have to be having sex with someone to be in bed with her. Or him. Or them.

Each month of the calendar assigns a pinup girl to a different form of Bush corruption. Miss July bathes in a tub of oil, and thanks Georgie for starting a war for her. Miss April rolls nude in a pile of money, celebrating Bush’s tax breaks for the rich. The pictures include vital stats like income ($12.2 billion for February’s girl, “Mrs. Wal”) and turn-offs (Michael Moore for Miss June, a.k.a. “Robin DeSyck”). The calendar also points out fun dates like August 30, 2005, the day Dick Cheney ordered crews to fix oil pipelines running to the Northeast instead of restoring power to hospitals serving Hurricane Katrina victims. Heffner’s love of vintage pinups goes well with his affinity for film noir; he likes innocent-looking girls getting dirty. The photos, like the subject matter, are pretty dark. But the combination of humor and beautiful women makes it all less depressing. And the end is in sight: the calendar finishes on January 20, 2009, the last day of Bush’s presidency.
A quarter of the calendar’s profits are going to go to watchdog groups to try to stop Dubya—and future presidents—from hopping in bed with special interests. Buy it at Heffner’s website. One warning: I’d skip March. The photo focuses on Miss Hal E. Burton, and he isn’t quite as fun to look at as his counterparts.

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