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From the Playboy Blog, 2/1/07

The Playboy Staff’s Super Bowl Predictions (Notice who kept the NY faith).

See our postgame roundup here.


While the Patriots stay tight-lipped with their Super Bowl predictions, we here at Playboy go the Plaxico Burress route and spew off about how things will unfold Sunday, Tom Petty’s halftime performance included…

Jamie Malanowski, Managing Editor
Personally, I give the Giants big props just for showing up. I don’t know how anybody would think they could beat the Patriots—the thrice champion, undefeated, got the best quarterback ever, got a certified genius as a coach, only got caught cheating once New England Patriots. I mean, it would be kind of ironic if the Pats lost, and suddenly none of their 18 wins would matter, and instead of immortality they’d go down in ignominy for being the biggest choke artists ever. But that can’t happen, can it? Well, it says here that the Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw will jitterbug around the Patriots’ aged linebackers during the second half. Giants 27, Pats 20.

Ben Conniff, Editorial Intern
Strahan skips the game, extending his own tropical vacation to give some hard-core consolation to a
rebounding Jessica Simpson. The Giants excel with another unwieldy ego out of the way. Umenyiora deals the death-blow when he hammers Matt Light after the whistle and Light lands on Brady’s tender ankle. Geoff Pope gets ultimate vindication when he picks Brady’s next pass, runs it back for the winning TD, and gets MVP honors. Giants 27-21.
Tom Petty rocks the entire soundtrack to She’s the One.

Rocky Rakovic, Junior Editor
Memo to Jamie and Ben: Stop drinking the office coffee, It has deranged both of you. The game has already been won. For a score prediction, keep an eye on my favorite gambling…err prognostication site, The greatest team in the history of sports (except maybe the Sparta 656 BC Olympians) will be victorious, of course. My brother, Greg, pointed out that Dave Golokhov’s post regarding left out this year’s game. The pick there is Patriots 30, NYG 16, but I’m thinking something to the tune of Patriots 324, NYG -7. The MVP goes to Pats punter Chris Hanson who skips the game to catch predators. Tom Petty prediction: Giants fans will go nuts when he screams “I Won’t Back Down,” housewives will get wet when he belts out “American Girl” and Randy Moss will start itching when he finishes off with “Last Dance With Mary Jane.”

Chip Rowe, Senior Editor
I would like the Giants to win because I don’t like repeat champions. But when you throw cash into the equation, I’ll take New England 28-23. Petty songs: Runnin’ Down a Dream (sure thing), American Girl, Refugee. However, I do not anticipate this will be a better show than Carol Channing’s performance at Super Bowl IV.

Corinne Cummings, Researcher
The Giants will beat the Patriots 24-21. Tom Brady will be sacked three times. One of the hits by Osi Umenyiora will result in a fumble that Michael Strahan returns for a TD. The game will be close, and I may have a mild stroke before the half, but R.W. McQuarters will have a key interception in the endzone killing a Patriots scoring opportunity. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw (Tiki who?) will ensure Giants hold the advantage in possession time to keep Tom Brady standing on the sideline. Manning will throw two TDs to Plaxico Burress…wait, who am I kidding? I predict that I will not be at work on Monday morning.
I’ll yawn through Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Runnin Down a Dream-Refugee-I Won’t Back Down-American Girl.

Conor Hogan, Fashion Assistant
I’m saying Patriots, 34-20. The Giants will stay in it through the first quarter but Tom Brady and his receiving corps will blow the doors open. Giants get a garbage touchdown at the end to make it look respectable. TP and the Heartbreakers: Runnin’ Down the Dream> Refugee > Free Fallin’

Bryan Abrams, Researcher
The Giants keep it close until the 4th quarter, when Eli throws a brutal interception to Asante Samuels.  Brady dumps off to Wes Welker 900 times and they win, 31-24.
Petty set list: “You Wreck Me.” He’ll cover Beck’s “Asshole” (from his soundtrack to She’s The One).
“Into The Great Wide Open.”

Seth FiegermanLiterary Intern
Tynes misses 4 out of 4 field goal attempts in the first half, halting the Giant’s momentum. Tom Petty plays I Won’t Back Down and Learning to Fly. Pumped by the songs, Tynes makes the next 3 kicks and even recovers a fumble and scores a touchdown. Tied in the last minute of the game, Tynes gets charmed by Tom Brady’s smile and misses the kick. The Pats win in overtime, 30-27. Later, Phoenix is looted and burned to the ground.

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