Pop Questions: Helena Antonaccio

From Playboy Magazine, January 2008

A short interview I did with the Playmate of the Month from June, 1969, for the Playmate News Page.

Q: You recently published a book called What’s Your Secret? So what is it?

A: The book is mostly about health and beauty. It came about because I still pose nude and people regularly ask me, “What’s your secret?” when they hear I’m 58. I include pinup pictures, tips and exercises, but the most important subject is healthy eating.

Q: Why did it become a priority for you to take such good care of yourself?

A: When you’re a Playmate you’re in the limelight. I have always liked the attention, and I found eating well keeps me looking young. I guess it makes me feel good, too.

Q: That makes perfect sense. What was it like to write your first book?

A: Well, I just sat at my computer and typed away. Each time I got an idea I would turn it into a section. The hard part was finding a literary agent. Finally, I read about iUniverse, a self-publishing company, and I went that route. It took eight years altogether, but now my book is available at barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com and my website, helenaantonaccio.com.

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