Potpourri, April 2008

Here are a few of the product write-ups I wrote for the April Issue of Playboy Magazine.


Few things are more depressing than watching your paycheck tick away at the fuel pump. Make the switch to a Vectrix electric scooter ($11,000, vectrix.com) and you can bypass gas stations permanently. Though designed more for getting around town than going cross-country, this is no sewing machine with wheels. It boasts a top speed of 62 mph, and its tight handling lets you weave through traffic jams. It goes 35 to 55 miles on one charge, and if you run out of juice, just plug the on-board charger into any electrical outlet and you’re golden. Plus, the scooter’s simple construction (250 parts compared with 2,500) for a gas scooter makes it a low-maintenance proposition. No gas, no oil, no problem.


The Right Stuff

If you want to impress her by cooking Italian, remember two things: Keep it simple, and use great ingredients. New York City’s Il Buco restaurant (ilbuco.net) sources authentic staples from rural Mediterranean enclaves. Its Fiore di Sale ($22) is from the legendary Trapani salt pans of Sicily; the sublimely fragrant Viridens extra-virgin olive oil ($42) comes from Umbria. Round things out with aged balsamic vinegar ($140), fennel pollen ($46) and ground Calabrian peppers ($16).

Swingers’ Club

While the big bat-making companies save their best wood for the pros, Naked Bats ($80 to $140, nakedbats.com) are all made to the same stellar standards (with a clear finish so you can see the grain) whether you’re an average joe or Joltin’ Joe. Plus, the barrel sports a vintage pinup. Keep your eyes on the ball, there, champ.


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