Playbill, May 2008

from the contributor page of Playboy Magazine, May 2008

This month’s Playboy Interview with Fareed Zakaria began at a New York restaurant. But long after that first meeting, Contributing Editor and author of Beautiful Boy David Sheff just couldn’t stop telephoning the razor-sharp Newsweek columnist and foreign-relations expert. “Zakaria makes really complicated issues understandable without dumbing them down,” says Sheff. “So much happens in the world every day that I could have kept calling him for updates until the day the interview went to press. In fact, I’d love to call him right now.”


“When we were kids he could be a real pain in the ass,” says Tom Farley, Jr., big brother of Chris Farley, the star of Saturday NIght Live and Tommy Boy. Over the years Tom came to admire his kid brother and was hit hard by his overdose in 1997. Farley heads up the Chris Farley Foundation, through which he uses his family’s brand of humor to help kids fend off peer pressure, drugs and booze–three things that killed Chris. Now Farley has co-written The Last Days of Chris Farley, an excerpt from the upcoming book The Chris Farley Show (Viking). To tell Chris’s story, Farley and Tanner Colby sat down with family, friends, and co-stars including Chris Rock and David Spade. “Throughout Chris’s life we all used to get together and tell stories about him,” says Farley. “I couldn’t imagine doing this biography any other way. Only this time I told people not to hold anything back.”

HIllary CLinton’s rocky marriage was an inspiration for Laura Kipnis‘s book Against Love: A Polemic. In The Men Who Hate Hillary the renowned feminist defends Clinton against the right-wingers whose rants put her at a disadvantage before the primaries had even begun. “I wanted to tear apart their arguments,” Kipnis says. “I’m offended by the general level of stupidity, the platitudes, the pandering religiosity that passes for political discussion these days.”

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