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Crisis and recovery: The Dow Jones Industrials

From MSN Money, September 2008

This is a screen capture of an MSN multimedia feature for which I did the research and a bulk of the writing. See the full feature here.


As time goes by

With the work of the Duff Young Foundation at a brief pause, I’ve decided to abjure a regular paycheck and freelance full time. I’ll continue to write for the Foundation, but devote most of my time to my own stories. Here’s my most recent blog post from Duff Does Africa describing the situation:

As time goes by

September 29, 2008

Saturday has passed, and I remain at my computer in my Brooklyn apartment. A crisp fall breeze has blown out the city’s muggy summer stench and soon colored leaves will litter my back porch. And I will be here to enjoy the fall weather longer than I expected.

America’s current financial malaise has taken its toll on everyone, and it’s no surprise that a businessman like Duff has found himself with extra work. Indeed, Duff is struggling under the weight of a load of unforeseen business responsibilities, and they’ve left him without the time and energy to go to Liberia and carry out the plan.

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